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Rebuilt Dial Housing

Retrofitted with new flanged No Can / No Fill Pin Bushings that are held in with 2 screws so that they can no longer vibrate and back out. New post bushings are installed and reamed to size. O-Ring grooves are sleeved and all dimensions are checked.

Please call for pricing and availability.

Metering Cylinder Clamp

We developed a Metering Cylinder Clamp, which adds another support point for the metering cylinder. This clamps the metering cylinder post to the metering cylinder itself, adding protection from tilting, keeping the stroke precise and minimizing wear on internal parts.

Part Number: 1033009

Please call for pricing and availability.

BGI Mechanical Charging Valve

Our Mechanical Charging Valve Assemblies are available in 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. The external hardened “Rocker Arm” allows for the testing of the valve and purging of the system without loosening the fittings. They have a solid and simple design, and yet are easy to service when necessary.

Part Number: 1099001

Please call for pricing and availability.

Double Acting Head Piston & Piston Rod

Upon request of several customers, we developed a new double acting head piston and piston rod. The original assemblies were subject to roll pin failure. Machined from one piece with bronze metalized to the outer surface, this design increases stability, eliminates concerns about separation, and is easier to install and service.

Part Number: 3013299

Please call for pricing and availability.